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Our residences and apartments

We offer you the best between real estate and hospitality 

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BHM - Bargueton Hospitality Management

We are a chain of apartment hotels and individual residences that offer superior to luxury accommodation. We offer our guests atypical accommodation fully equipped with special services.

Whether traveling with family or in a group, the discretion of our guests is at the center of our priorities. 


Properties Bargueton Hospitality Management

Our properties are mainly located in urban centers, in the mountains or seaside resorts.

We offer accommodation of all sizes ranging from superior to luxury. Our ultra luxury properties are managed by our BHM SELECTIONS service. 

Our accommodations are all equipped with the most comfortable bedding and are impeccably clean. The interior design is particularly neat. This is the BHM signature.

Check-in and check-out are done individually and independently or personalized depending on the services chosen for your stay.

Notre Service

Put your property under BHM management - free estimate of your income

We also work with private owners or external investors if the property is suitable and the conditions are met. Thus we can offer the complete development of your property through the renovation, rental and dynamic operation of it. The owners keep the possibility of staying there from time to time according to the package decided. 

  • First meeting to establish your needs and formulate a proposal for collaboration. 

  • Furnishing and concept design and logistics of the property.

  • Professional production of marketing material.


  • Writing and publication of the advertisement for an international clientele.

  • Management of the various requests from our partner sites and our networks.

  • Coordination of reservations.

  • Dynamic management of the prices offered according to the affluence in the region.


  • Coordination with companies responsible for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Handling routine property inquiries and issues.


  • Collection of reservations and transfer of your winnings to your account.

  • Submission of a report of reservations with statistics and key figures.

  • Additional services depending on the geographical area of the property.

First appointment

On this occasion we will visit your property in your presence and determine what your needs are in order to study the possibility of formulating a proposal for collaboration.

360 degree analysis of your property

We will analyze whether from a legal, economic and technical point of view your property lends itself to this type of rental and to our concept. We will formulate a collaboration proposal and estimate your income.

Marketing and exploitation

We will carry out a complete management of the exploitation of the property and transfer to you the income which is due to you.


Invest with us

As part of our management activities, we are daily led to study new opportunities for off- or on-market investment in order to develop our management activities. 

We work with a network of partners who receive our investment proposals or we raise funds if the characteristics of the operation lend themselves to it.

Our particularity is that we manage all the opportunities we offer. We only propose viable projects in the long term since our work does not stop at the conception of the operation but also extends during the exploitation phase. 


Contact us


BHM Sàrl

Station Street 38

CH-1260 Nyon

To get in touch, please write to us or call us at the following coordinates :

Phone: +41 (0) 22 300 00 80

This service is only for owners and investors

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